What is Astrology Medicine?

Astrology dates back to the Sumerian era, the civilization that first started writing this ancient language from the Gods or giants of the sky, referring to the planets. 

Astrology medicine is a tool used to enhance healing, growth and expansion by understanding and exploring the influence of the planets energies moving and being expressed through you. 

This can be used as a guide or map to help see and navigate your life path.  


Available Readings:

Birth Chart Reading

Relationship Synastry

Sex & Intimacy Reading


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Birth Chart Reading

A Birth Chart is a time stamp or screen shot of the placements of the planets when you were born. 

This can be used as a life guide map which brings awareness, clarity, understanding and solutions to help navigate your souls journey. 

Relationship Synastry

This is a way to go deeper with connections, understanding each other, highlighting gifts and abilities that work well together and becoming aware of any challenges or tensions with solutions. 

This can be done for an relationships including business partners, friends, family and couples compatibility. 

Sex & Intimacy 

A reading focusing specifically on sex and intimacy, a non judgmental and loving space is held while going deeper into this area of life. 

Confidentiality Assured.