Birth Chart Reading

You will receive a 1:1 reading of your Birth Chart (allow at least one hour) AND your complete chart reading written up and sent to you via email, plus a recording. 

This can be a wonderful personal gift for someone......

A birth chart report will show:

Where your personality shines

How you meet your emotional needs, where you find emotional satisfaction and security

How you are perceived by others in a 1:1 meet and greet 

Where you expend a great deal of energy and driven into action

What you love and find beautiful

Where you express your generosity and tolerance

Your style of communication

What you spend time thinking and communicating about, where you most easily express your ideas

The area of life you take seriously, where you seek responsibility and learning lessons the hard way

Where you will experience the most change in life, but for liberation

Where your dreams and visions easily manifest

Where you search for deeper meaning and truths

What your healing gifts are

Where you receive opportunities and blessings 

How the public perceive you (your public image)

Natural talents, abilities, challenges, tensions

Career, work and long term goals guidance

Love and relationships guidance 

You will need to know your birth date, location and time

Price $150 

Payment can be made via Paypal or Transfer wise

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